Transition Services

The Village’s Transition Program, offered in partnership with local school districts, helps high school students transition to life after graduation.  School Districts transport students to The Village during the school day, and the students are able to participate in activities and familiarize themselves with our Day Program prior to graduation.  This service must be recommended and approved by the student’s admission, review & dismissal (ARD) committee and is normally offered the final six weeks of the student’s final school year.  The program is available to individuals ages 18-22.

Once the student’s ARD committee determines a transition program is appropriate for the student, the parent or guardian must contact The Village to complete application paperwork to place the student on the waiting list for transition services.  It is important that this is completed as far in advance of when transition services will be needed so when the student is ready to join The Village, he or she will be assured a space within our program.

Our transition program helps students gradually adapt to and cope with the change from their school environment to The Village Day Program, allowing for a more seamless transition from high school into their community.  By exchanging information with the school district, staff at The Village can individualize student programs, create management plans for behavior modification, and maximize the potential of the individual’s success following graduation.