Home and Community-Based Services (HCS)

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What is HCS?
HCS is a Medicaid waiver program that supplies services and supports to Texans with an intellectual disability (ID) or a related condition so that they can live in the community.
HCS services are intended to supplement rather than replace services received from other programs, such as Texas Health Steps, or from natural supports, including families, neighbors or community organizations.

Who can get HCS?
HCS may be available to any Texas resident not living in an institutional setting who:
1. Has an IQ of 69 or below or has an approved related condition with an IQ of 75 or below.
2. Has mild to severe deficits in adaptive behavior.
3. Is eligible for Medicaid benefits.
4. Is not enrolled in any other Medicaid waiver program.

What services can HCS provide?
● Residential services
● Group home
● Host home/ companion
● Respite services
● Day habilitation
● Employment services
● Nursing services
● Dental services
● Behavioral support
● Supported home living
● Social work
● Occupational therapy
● Physical therapy
● Speech therapy
● Dietary services
● Audiology services
● Cognitive rehabilitation
services (services for
people with brain injury)
● Accessible minor home
● Adaptive aids
● Transition assistance

The HCS provider can also provide personal assistance services, habilitation or emergency response services through the Community First Choice (CFC) program to individuals who live in their own home or family home. Individuals can also receive unlimited prescriptions through the Medicaid Vendor Drug Program.

Who provides HCS services?
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) contracts with public and private entities to provide HCS services. HHSC regularly monitors these providers to ensure quality of services. When enrolling in the HCS program, applicants choose their provider from a list of available providers in their area. Individuals are able to change providers at any time, even if they move to another area of Texas. Individuals can also choose to hire and train their own service providers under the consumer directed services option.