Clubs & Activities

Village Centers Choir 

The Village Centers Choir is open to any client at The Village Centers provided he/she can fulfill the membership requirements.  Members of the Village Centers Choir will experience and learn to appreciate a variety of musical styles; develop singing skills appropriate to choral singing to the best of each member’s ability; enhance musical awareness through use of chimes and rhythm instruments; learn teamwork skills and appropriate performance etiquette, and serve as ambassadors for The Village Centers through outreach to the greater community by performing several times a year.

Membership requirements

  • Choir members will follow classroom rules and be actively engaged in all choir activities as they are able.
  • Regular attendance at rehearsal is vital to the success of the individual choir member as well as the group as a whole. All choir members must be able to regularly attend at least 50% of the rehearsals.

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Choir Practices are held on Mondays at noon.