Medical Staff

The Village Medical Staff works as a team to pass/assist with medication administration, g-tube feeding, insulin administration, wound care, and other medical needs. We provide triage for ill clients, and we are able to intervene during medical emergencies.

Our Medical Team is there to monitor and give care during emergencies, as well as ensure that our clients’ medical information, list of medications, history and diagnosis is available and provided to the emergency response team.

We have over 40 clients who utilize our services daily, with needs varying from seizure disorders to other chronic disabilities that require medical support and frequent intervention. In addition, many of our clients require assistance with hygiene and toileting, and our team is trained and available to help with those needs.

Our staff trains all employees on health, safety, infection control, seizure intervention, and medical crisis preparedness. This support ensures the top quality care that each client receives.

With the skill-set, experience, and knowledge, our Medical Team provides a safe environment for all of our clients.

The Village Medical Team:

Dr. Elizabeth Coon-Nguyen

Sandy Martin, PA

Jessica Bankston- LVN

Katina Powell- CNA