Advisory Boards

Heath Committee

Purpose: To provide professional advice to raise the level and quality of care that The Village provides its clients through the following:  Review of medical Incidents on a regular basis; Develop/Revise Company Policies and Procedures as needed;Assessment for needs when requested; Establish Quarantines & Disease/Infection Control;Ensure HIPPA compliance; Provide a Higher Level of Support for Medical Services Dept. and Provide Client Referrals


Dr. Elizabeth Coon-Nugyen

Sandy Martin, PA

Jessica Bankston, LVN

Safety Committee

Purpose:  To develop and oversee The Village Learning Center, Inc.’s Safety program and provide guidance and direction to all departments in order to promote a safe environment for the Center’s clients and staff.


Steve Atchinson- Managing Director, Transportation Services, American Red Cross

Ray Brock-  Director, Safety Services, Insperity

Philippe Cras- Director C.R.T.F. ( Community Response Task Force)

Marie Halvatzis-  Legal Advisor/Board Member, Chair