Inspired to Help the Community

The Village was created to serve the local community and individuals in need of specialized care.

The Village was founded in Kingwood, TX in 2000.

Kimberly Brusatori and Linda Schuiten were inspired to come together to develop programs and services for individuals with disabilities, in response to the lack of such offerings in Northeast Houston. Both had children with disabilities who would soon be graduating from high school and leaving behind the structure and programs that school offers.

Their ultimate vision was to create a full-time program that would provide much-needed support and structure benefiting individuals with disabilities and their families. At that time, the State of Texas ranked 46th in the Nation for providing support for persons with disabilities.  In addition, waiting lists for services were 8-10 years long.

In September 2000, Kimberly and Linda, as well as several other parents of children with disabilities, founded The Village Learning Center, Inc. (dba Village Learning & Achievement Center) as a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. The passion to provide quality programs and services to individuals with disabilities was born.  The word “Village” was chosen because they realized that the organization’s success depended upon the support of their community.  They knew that it would take a “Village” to make their vision a reality.

Much has happened since The Village’s inception in 2000, but the vision of the founders still drives the mission and belief system shared by the staff and the many families that are served.

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