All proceeds from this event will benefit our organization as we continue to provide quality services and programs for adults and children with disabilities and their families.

For more information, send an email to

How You Can Help

We anticipate another year of wonderful community involvement and support.  We hope you will consider partnering with us!

Click here to view the 11th Annual Golf Tournament Brochure.

We invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to participate as a tournament sponsor.

In addition to sponsorship, you may also show your support for our organization in the following ways:

  • Donate silent auction items or door prizes
  • Donate goodie bag items
  • Hole sponsorship
  • Dinner sponsorship
  • Purchase Golf Ball Drop numbers — Click here to view the golf ball drop purchase form

On behalf of the over 300 people with disabilities in our community whose lives we touch, thank you for considering our request.  Your generosity will help continue our mission to create inclusive opportunities and discover abilities of individuals with disabilities.  Village Learning & Achievement Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations beyond the value of benefits received are tax deductible – EIN 76-0659357.

Golf Ball Drop

If you were lucky enough to witness the Golf Ball Drop last year, you’ll recall a very brave fireman from the Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department clamoring up the ladder attached to the fire engine parked adjacent to the clubhouse.  In his hand was a bucket containing hundreds of golf balls, each with a unique number.  When the fireman reached the top of the ladder, high above the putting green, the crowd was treated to an awesome display of cascading golf balls plummeting toward the ground.

If you missed out on the fun last year, perhaps you’re wondering what a Golf Ball Drop is and why we are so enthusiastic about the whole idea.

What is a Golf Ball Drop?

It is a unique 50/50 fundraising event. Each numbered raffle ticket matches a numbered golf ball in the drop. The raffle winner will be the person holding the number matching the number on the first ball ending up in or closest to the designated hole below the drop site.

What is the Prize?

The winner receives half of the money collected from sales of the raffle tickets. In case of a tie, fifty percent of the total ticket sales are split between the two winners. Remember, the amount of the prize is determined by the number of raffle tickets purchased – so the more raffle tickets sold, the larger the prize!

Who can Participate?

The raffle is open to any person who wants to purchase a chance to win.  Because the winner does not need to be present in order to collect their prize, this is an ideal way to help Village Learning & Achievement Center, even if you don’t play in the golf tournament!

Why should I Participate?

The Golf Ball Drop raffle is an easy way to support the vision and mission of Village Learning & Achievement Center, a nonprofit organization making a positive difference in your community.

How can I Purchase Raffle Tickets?

Return the completed golf ball drop purchase form with payment to Village Learning and Achievement Center prior to May 2, 2011.  If you have questions, send an email to

Remember, the amount of the prize is determined by the number of raffle tickets purchased – so the more raffle tickets sold, the larger the prize!