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Employment Advantage, the employment services division of Village Learning & Achievement Center, assists individuals with disabilities in working toward their goal of obtaining meaningful, competitive employment.  Services include personalized assessment of skills and talents, resume’ development, interview preparation, and a committment to help you find employment that matches your preferences.

Following placement, our staff maintains ongoing contact with the employer and employee, serving as a resource as needed.  Employment Advantage is a designated provider for the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

Building Skills & Natural Supports

Supported Employment is a specialized service that is especially suited for individuals with significant disabilities for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is a challenge without assistance. We formally assess each client’s abilities, then create a written plan to determine possible job matches, how we can break down potential jobs into teachable steps and what training and re-training will be needed to promote job stability in an integrated work setting. Once an employee achieves work goals agreed upon by the employer, our on-site support is reduced. We are committed to maintaining ongoing contact with the employer and employee to serve as a resource as the need arises.

We strongly believe that one of the keys to job stability is the development of natural supports in the work environment. Encouraging each client to develop good rapport with their co-workers and supervisors typically allows us to reduce our direct supports more quickly and facilitates long-term job retention.


As we work with each individual, we are dedicated to breaking attitude barriers and helping others learn to value people with disabilities as people first. We work hard to prepare each client for employment, showcasing their abilities and then providing the support the employee and employer need to produce a win-win situation.

A Win-Win Opportunity

Men and Women in our supported employment program work successfully in a wide variety of settings, including restaurants, hotels, retail stores, manufacturing, offices, childcare and more. Employees with disabilities provide significant benefits to the businesses, easing employers’ concerns about labor shortages and creating more diverse work groups that include individuals who typically have low absenteeism and high performance. Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities also can receive tax benefits, resulting in tangible benefits for the employee, the business and our community.

To obtain additional information regarding Employment Advantage, please contact Mary Ciura, Employment Services Manager, at 281-413-7389

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Download Our Free Brochure