Day Habilitation



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Our center-based programs at Village at Plum Valley include MHMRA-approved day habilitation to help our clients maintain academic skills, build employment and living skills, improve social skills, participate in community service projects, partake in leisure activities, and enjoy spending time with friends.

Programs are designed primarily for adults with disabilities during the day, but also include after-school services for children and adolescents, ages 5-22..  In addition, we also offer  a transition program in partnership with local school districts to help high school students transition to life after graduation.  These services may include day habilitation at Village at Plum Valley and/or employment in the community.

The Village began offering day habilitation programs in May 2002 and moved into a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility on Plum Valley Drive in October 2007.   We have the capacity to provide day habilitation services for up to 80 individuals per day in this facility.  The opening of Village Community Center in September 2013 will increase our abiity to serve an additional 80 clients per day with a vocational program.

For more information about The Village Day Habilitation Program contact Mindy Thompson at 281-358-6172 or