Vision/ Mission/ Value Statement/Core Values


We agree to make a commitment to celebrate each individual’s abilities by encouraging the individuals, staff and families to fulfill their hopes and dreams for the future as full, participating members of our community.  Our aspiration is to be the foremost provider of support and services to individuals with developmental disabilities.


Our mission is to create the support and services to affect positive changes in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and our local community, so that these individuals can reach their maximum potential and level of independence.

Value Statement

We help to support families who require programs and services to care for their special needs individual at home and then later in life. Unlike institutional care, we believe community based programs are the answer in allowing the individual to become a respected community participant and have an improved quality of life with purpose.

Core Values & Beliefs

The Village’s culture is characterized by an indomitable will to succeed and prosper in one of the most challenging industries.  At the heart of our unique and strong culture is the belief that people are the ultimate source of our advantage.

By living these core values, each one of us helps to deliver on our promises to our clients and ensure our enduring success:

Compassionate, Respectful & Patient

We respect people, honor diversity and treat each other fairly and with dignity.  These are the cornerstones of our culture and the key to our ability to work successfully as a team.

Flexibility & Diversity of Talents

We show flexibility in the tasks that we are asked to perform and have a diverse array of talents that we can utilize in order to accomplish them.

Cheerful & Energetic

We have the enthusiasm, energy, tenacity and competitive spirit to be the best. We come to work with a smile on our face and keep our personal issues at home.

Honesty & Integrity

We operate with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility- as individuals and as a corporation- to be a role model through our business practices, community involvement and environmental stewardship.  We are truthful and forthright in our fundraising communications, respect the privacy of our donors, and expend funds in a manner consistent with donor intent.  Our organization appropriately acknowledges and recognizes donors for contributions received, and all solicitation materials, accurately represent the organization’s mission, objectives, and activities, as do related financial, organizational and program reports.

Accountable Team Player

We make a commitment to stay focused on work and maintain confidentiality. We contribute fully to the activities of the team and step up when others are in need.  We share information and resources with others. When problems arise we work to find solutions.  When problems occur we speak the truth.

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