About Us

The Village Learning Center, Inc. (dba Village Learning & Achievement Center), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created to support the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in our community.

Our mission is to create environments that help individuals with disabilities reach their maximum potential for independent living. We do this by offering a variety of programs and services that promote healthy and well-rounded lifestyles, both for the individual and their family.

For the individual, it means opportunities to build life and social skills that ultimately lead to improved quality of life, enhanced self-esteem, independence, confidence and inclusion. For families, it is the means by which they can become healthier and stronger through support.

The Village- also known as Village Learning & Achievement Center- empowers individuals to rise above the physical and emotional challenges that are often associated with a disability. At The Village, mutual respect exists and helps to further heighten the awareness that individuals with disabilities no longer need to feel isolated or “different.”